6/02/20 Membership Meeting

Mills Neighborhood Association General Membership Meeting – held 6/02/2020 @ 601 E. Main St.


  1. Call to Order – President Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:00pm
  2. Roll Call
    1. Board members present: President Isabel Rodriguez, Secretary/Treasurer Kaitlin Hakanson, At-large member Terra Russo. Absent: Vice President Patrick Sullivan (excused), At-large members Minea Kiss and Dale Day (excused).
    2. General members: Efren Gutierrez, Tabita Rodriguez.
    3. Guests: Stephanie Martin (Mills Community Garden), Sarah Flanders (Klamath Works), Craig Schumann (IYS)

*lacking a quorum of general members, this is an unofficial meeting. No motions or voting can occur*

  1. Presentation by Stephanie Martin – Mills Community Garden
    1.  Stephanie is the new manager of the Mills Community Garden, which is run by Sustainable Klamath. She provided an overview of her plans to provide food sustainability using the garden, including educational workshops and other events. There are several plots still available, and they vary in size and price. There will be regular workdays on Thursday evenings from 5-8pm at the garden. Questions? Want to apply for a plot? Contact millscommunitygarden@gmail.com. They are accepting donations of plants, seeds, and outdoor paint.
  2. Presentation by Craig Schumann – Integral Youth Services
    1. Received a grant to support summer lunch program and the creation of a nutrition hub. One of only 15 recipients for the grant nationwide (NRPA). The Klamath & Lake County Food Bank may not have a Produce Connection program this year. Park ‘N Play (modified for COVID) kickoff event will happen on 6/30 at Mills-Kiwanis Park from 12p – 1p. Event will be drive-thru style, providing 7 days of lunches and snacks. ¾ of meals being distributed are frozen. As part of the nutrition hub partnership (and to fulfill the grant), need to conduct neighborhood outreach.
    2. Discussion from members and guests about strategies for encouraging folks to sign up for SNAP benefits. Having reps who know how the process works. Going door to door (?)
  3. New date for clean-up at IYS
    1. Waiting to hear back from Patrick. Had to cancel last attempt due to weather.
    2. Shooting for a weekday when more folks are available.
  4. Donations
    1. Kathy, who donated holiday and other décor in the past has more items to give. She reached out through the MNA website. President Rodriguez looking for others to help go through items this week. Contact her if available.
  5. Public comment
    1. Sarah provided information about the Klamath Works community service program. Can’t do any regular work until folks can congregate safely. In the past, have provided up to 10 volunteers to work for 3 hours every other Tuesday.
    2. Sarah also mentioned the Peter R. Marsh Foundation, which provides funding for small community organizations.
  6. Adjourn – Meeting adjourned by President Rodriguez at 6:55pm