1/3/2023 General Meeting


  1. Call to Order – President Isabel called the meeting to order at 6:15pm
  2. Roll Call
    • Board members present: President Isabel Rodriguez, Secretary/Treasurer Kaitlin Hakanson, At-large Member Taylor Hampton. Absent: At-large Member Minea Kiss (excused).
    • General members present: Jonah Hakanson.
  3. Old Business
    • 733 East Main Street – Isabel spoke with the chief of police about Mills Addition in general. They are aware of the issues at 733 E. Main and mentioned that was the only issue they could think of.
      • 337 E. Main, another neglected property in the neighborhood, is being listed for sale by Coldwell Banker tomorrow.
  4. New Business
    • Passing of founding member of Sustainable Klamath – Dwight Long passed away in December. Sarah, the current President of the organization, is moving out of town.
    • Increase of graffiti in the neighborhood – several of us have noticed more graffiti recently. Some graffiti had recently been painted over, but now there is more than before. Isabel brought this issue to the police chief when she spoke with him. They are aware of the issue. Discussion about contacting the resource officer at KU high school to see if they have an idea of who is doing the graffiti.
    • Moore Park Playground Equipment Project – The project has been fully funded, and it is expected to be opened summer 2023! Taylor and Kaitlin are going to get their MNA tiles painted for this project ASAP.
    • City Council Representation for Mills Neighborhood – Hedlund was appointed to a judgeship for the county, so there is currently a vacancy for that city council position. The city will appoint someone, and they will likely be another person that ran for that position.
  5. Public Comment
    • East Main Market sold today to someone from Medford.
    • Jonah – discussion about having a seat at the table with the city. City ward issues – Mills Addition is split between 2 city council wards.
      • having a set of issues to bring to the city – not all gripes, have solutions
    • Taylor – Klamath Basin Youth Without Borders has tabled paying for the banners and lighting for us until we can demonstrate youth involvement in the project. Will coordinate with the organization to plan the installation of the banners to when youth are available.
    • IYS building has city police cameras – video footage is available with proper requests if it is needed for law enforcement reasons
      • lights help and cameras help to deter property damage
      • businesses of East Main can apply for a $500 reimbursement for security cameras (the grant comes from the city, so the police maintain access to video footage).
    • Darin Rutledge is stepping down from the Klamath Falls Downtown Association and is now Executive Director of Discover Klamath
    • Isabel also discussed the idea of storage units at the former Richmond Park location with the chief of police. They liked the idea and didn’t have any concerns to share with us.
      • The police are working toward bringing back their Community Advisory Team. We hope to have an invitation to that group.

Adjourn – Meeting adjourned by President Isabel at 7:36pm.

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