8/17/21 Board meeting

Approved minutes

  1. Call to Order – President Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:04pm
  2. Roll Call
    • Board members present: President Rodriguez, Vice President Patrick Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer Kaitlin Hakanson, At-large Member Minea Kiss. Absent: none
    • General members present: Tabita Rodriguez
  3. Approval of Minutes – 
    • 7/20 board meeting – unanimous approval (Motion by Patrick, 2nd by Minea)
    • 8/03 general meeting – amended (add’l guest: Michael Burke) and approved (Motion by Patrick, 2nd by Kaitlin)
  4. Treasurer’s Report – $3,137.48 in accounts. Expenses: $20 for reimbursements, Revenue: $140. Both from Third Thursday event.
  5. Old Business
    • Approval of purchase of picket to support Moore Park Playground Equipment Update – General membership and Board have decided to purchase a $100 picket. Would read:  ❤️️ Mills Neighborhood 🌷
    • Approval of purchase of tiles to support Moore Park Playground Equipment Update – Discussion with decision to purchase 5 tiles at $20 a piece. Each tile is 6” square. Motion: Patrick, 2nd: Minea. Unanimous approval.
    • Ceramic donation – Brian has been contacted about the donation of unpainted ceramic models. Will pick them up as soon as we can arrange a time. Thanks, Viowiess!
  6. New Business
    • Meeting with Darin of Klamath Falls Downtown Association – Have not been able to set up a time to meet yet. Will keep the group updated. We would like to ask Darin his tips on running a strong non-profit within the City of Klamath Falls.
    • Proposed change to the bylaws – According to the bylaws, the annual meeting is scheduled to happen the second Tuesday of October. Instead of having 3 separate meetings in October, the proposal is to combine the annual meeting and the October board meeting, and for it to happen on the 3rd Tuesday of October. This year’s annual meeting will still happen on the 2nd Tuesday of October, and this bylaw change will be one of the items to be voted on that day.
  7. Public Comment
    • In regards to electing new Board members in October, Kaitlin will double-check the bylaws for information about term limits. She recalls that each term is limited to 2 years, but can’t remember if there is a limit to the number of terms someone can serve.
  8. Adjourn – Meeting adjourned by President Rodriguez at 6:30pm

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