10/15/19 Annual Meeting

Mills Neighborhood Association
Annual Meeting – held 10/15/2019 @ 601 E. Main St.

a. President Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:21pm

II. ROLL CALL – President Rodriguez
a. Board members present: President Isabel Rodriguez, Vice President Patrick Sullivan, Secretary Kaitlin Hakanson
b. General members present: 37 people signed in at the door
c. Guests: John Bellon (City Parks), Matt Dodson (Klamath Falls City Council), Dr. Glenn Gailis, Francisca Benitez (Herald & News), Kendra Santiago and Jessie Hecota (Blue Zones Project), Craig Schumann (Integral Youth Services)

a. President – unanimous approval of Isabel Rodriguez
b. Vice President – unanimous approval of Patrick Sullivan
c. Secretary – votes were cast, with nominations for Kaitlin Hakanson and Linda Anderson. Kaitlin Hakanson won a majority of votes.
d. Treasurer – because Kaitlin Hakanson won the election for Secretary, no nominations were active for this position. The nomination was offered to Linda Anderson, but she did not accept. Yecenia Rodriguez expressed interest in helping, but could not commit to the position. This position remains vacant.
e. At-Large Board Member 1 – unanimous approval of Minea Kiss
f. At-Large Board Member 2 – unanimous approval of Dale Day
g. At-Large Board Member 3 – John Crawford withdrew his nomination, Linda Anderson nominated, then withdrew nomination. Terra Russo nominated, received unanimous approval.

a. A draft copy of new bylaws was presented to the group. Several attendees stated they would like to have more time to review the bylaws before accepting them. The Board caucused and decided to postpone the approval of the bylaws until the next Board Meeting, scheduled for
11/19. The draft bylaws will be posted on the Mills Neighborhood Association Facebook page.

They will also be emailed directly to anyone who expresses an interest in reviewing them. A copy of the draft bylaws was provided to Francisca Benitez.

a. Motion to close current checking account with Rogue CU and transfer funds to a new checking account – unanimous approval by Board members and general membership
b. Motion to open a new checking account with Rogue CU and transfer funds – unanimous approval by Board members and general membership

a. Discussion about alternative or at least improved ways of distributing the MNA newsletter. Debra Tower and Alyssa Cruz suggested finding a way to distribute this information through the city school district newsletter.
b. Gleaning – many fruit trees in the Mills Neighborhood produce so much fruit that residents are not able to keep up. Idea of creating a gleaning project to connect folks with fruit trees and those who can use the produce. One attendee mentioned that Sustainable Klamath currently has a gleaning project.

a. 2019 is the 100 th anniversary of Mills Elementary School. It is one of the oldest operating schools in the Klamath Basin. T-shirts and other swag celebrating the anniversary are available at the school. They are also collecting memories from those who attended the school, and gathering objects to put in a new time capsule. The school will be having an anniversary celebration on Nov. 6.

a. Starting in November, General Membership meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, and Board Meetings will be held the third Tuesday of each month.

a. Meeting adjourned by President Rodriguez at 7:30 p.m.

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