6/01/21 General meeting

Approved minutes

  1. Call to Order – President Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:13pm
  2. Roll Call
    • Board members present: President Rodriguez, VP Patrick Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer Kaitlin Hakanson, At-large Member Minea Kiss. Absent: none 
    • General members present: Tabita Rodriguez, Taylor Hampton, Ellen O’Donnell
    • Guests: None
  3. Old Business
    • Spring Beautification along East Main Street – KCAR (Klamath County Association of Realtors) put out flyer about the June 12th work day. Hope to borrow tools from the Klamath Tool Library (Sustainable Klamath). Isabel is following up with individuals who expressed an interest in helping on June 12th. Taylor will distribute the work day information to Dragonfly Transitions. Will also share to the Youth Without Borders facebook page.
    • KCAR donation for beautification project – $500 donation in response to the proposal that Isabel put together and presented to the group. Thank you, KCAR!
    • East Main Beautification Project this Saturday, June 12th – Sponsored by KCAR. Get in touch with Isabel if you are able to volunteer.
  4. New Business
    • Picket for Playground at Moore Park – Isabel proposed that MNA purchase a $100 picket to help support the building of the new playground. Taylor described the different levels of giving. Merritt at Healthy Klamath has more info and can be reached by email. Some of the play equipment is already paid for/there is a sponsor. Patrick asked if there was a plan for what to do with the old playground equipment once it’s removed. Will do some more research to answer this question.
    • Suggestions for more involvement from the neighborhood – volunteers needed for projects, especially landscape projects. Would like MNA to be more recognized within the neighborhood – reputation for improving the neighborhood.
    • Purchase of skip ball toys for Third Thursday – Isabel will price out and get back to the group.
  5. Public Comment
    • Taylor – Nutrition Hub working on becoming part of the Klamath-Lake County Food Bank network. Hoping to start operation of a food pantry in December. June 29th is the Park ‘N Play kickoff for the summer. Will be at Mills-Kiwanis park. May be offering COVID vaccines during the event. Will be walk-up only, no drive-thru option. More details to come after the planning meeting of the Child Hunger Coalition. Lunch will be provided at the park.
    • Free fishing this weekend! Details will be posted to our facebook group
    • Klamath County Library now has a “library of things” – more than just books that you can borrow and use. Located at the Main Branch of the library.
  6. Adjourn – Meeting adjourned by President Rodriguez at 6:35pm