5/18/21 Board meeting

Approved minutes

  1. Call to Order – President Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:05pm
  2. Roll Call
    • Board members present: President Rodriguez, VP Patrick Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer Kaitlin Hakanson, At-large Member Minea Kiss. Absent: none
    • General members present: Tabitha Rodriguez, Efren Gutierrez
    • Guests: none
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Annual IRS form 990-N filed for 2020. Account balance: $1,601.71
  4. Approval of Minutes:
    • March 16: notice of meeting cancelation, unanimous approval.
    • April 6: amended, unanimous approval
    • April 20: amended, unanimous approval
    • May 4: amended, unanimous approval
  5. Old Business
    • Cost of replacement flags – in progress
    • Cost of booth at 3rd Thursday for July and August – discussion about options and cost. Patrick motioned to pay the $35 booth fee and for us to serve limeade. 2nd: Minea. Will do a practice run setting up the booth and pricing out supplies on June 10th at 4pm at 601 East Main parking lot. Need 4 people to run the booth. Event goes from 6 – 8:30pm. Plan to serve 16 oz. of limeade with ice for $2. Paper cups.
    • Proposal to Klamath County Association of Realtors for beautification of East Main Street Corridor – Plan to get people together on June 12th (Saturday) to complete the work in the proposal sent to KCAR. They will cover $500 of the cost of the project. Will create letter to businesses on East Main letting them know what we plan to do and to encourage them to participate.
  1. New Business
    • Donation received from private individual – Sherry McManus gave a check donation of $1,183.06 to MNA. We all signed a thank you card and intend to send her an official tax receipt. Thank you so much, Sherry!
    • Reimbursement of $10 for Isabel – she purchased an antique metal canister as a thank you for Sherry’s donation. All board members approved of the reimbursement.
  2. Public Comment
    • none
  3. Adjourn – Meeting adjourned by President Rodriguez at 6:55pm