4/20/21 Board meeting minutes

Amended minutes

  1. Call to Order – President Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:07pm
  2. Roll Call
    • Board members present: President Rodriguez, VP Patrick Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer Kaitlin Hakanson, At-large Member Minea Kiss. Absent: none
    • General members present: Tabita Rodriguez, Efren Gutierrez, Taylor Hampton, Ellen O’Donnell
  3. Treasurer’s Report – $1,601.70. April transactions: $100 for embroidery on MNA aprons
  4. Approval of Minutes – no minutes were reviewed
  5. Old Business
    • Spring Recycle Day – Saturday April 24 – Volunteers still needed
    • Flags – Tourism Grant – Found out that we missed the 3/31 deadline for grants from Downtown Association for flags. Need 8 flags total. We are taking design input.
    • Third Thursday Event – July start. Sell funnel cakes as a fundraiser. Need 4 volunteers and an activity for kids.
    • Midge Festival Event – Volunteers needed. $30/booth – covers both days?
  1. New Business – none
  1. Public Comment
    • Klamath County Association of Realtors would like to sponsor a future event. Would have sponsored the Recycle Day if they knew about it. Planning to use support to revamp the planters on East Main.
  2. Adjourn – Meeting adjourned by President Rodriguez at 6:28pm